About Us

In 1990, the Levis Strauss Company began the closure of three factories in San Antonio's Southside. The first factory, where we worked, was closed with no prior notice to the 1,150 workers. We formed the successful non-profit organization, Fuerza Unida, which works with ex-Levi's workers and their families. Our community has not forgotten what happened here in 1990 and in the years of our struggle that followed the Levi's plant closures.

Fuerza Unida currently works with women in the Mayan communities of Mexico and other parts of Latin America to empower each other in our work as seamstresses, weavers and business owners. We run a sewing cooperative project and an intergenerational community based organization that feeds, informs and works with the people of our community to move us towards social, economic and environmental justice.

Fuerza Unida has decided that justice is for us to create.